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We sell high quality oils that compare to designer fragrances.  Our oils use the highest quality ingredients to create the best fragrance.  

The ESscents of you is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

Our bottles are 10 ml glass roll on bottles for easy application. 

Perfume oils last longer and are stronger than perfume. The fragrance from perfume oils last longer on the skin than perfumes with alcohol because it is more concentrated.

Our perfume oil is much stronger than a perfume with alcohol.

A small amount of perfume oil could be as strong as 3-4sprays of perfume.

We recommend applying our oils to your pulse points: Wrist, Behind ears, Neck, Inner Elbows, Collar Bones, and Behind Knees.

Our 10 ml roll on bottle will last at least 1-2 months or longer if applied everyday. Depends on the amount used by each individual.

We recommend not leaving in extreme weather conditions because it could affect quality over time.

Yes, local pickup is available in the Jacksonville, NC area only at this time. Send a chat message, DM, or text 910-787-1850 to make a pickup order.